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Enter to Win!

This season(2015) you will again have THREE chances to win, our first two draws will be for 16" wire hanging baskets. These baskets are huge & fully grown & you will be proud to display them...all you need to do is fill out our survey and tell us how we can serve you better - and you will automatically be entered into ALL THREE DRAWS!

1st Draw May 16th-this is our 8th annual Dazee Splish Splash Event -a fun day with games, specials & give-a-ways-  Congratulations to Annette Rogers the winner of a 16" wire basket of purple wave petunias...Thank you for your support Annette

2nd Draw May 23th-this is our 36th anniversary party-another fun-filled day with more games, specials & give-a-ways & refreshment-Congratulations to Deborah Whynot winner of the 16" wire basket of wave petunias-Thank you for your support Deborah

3rd Draw September th-this is our FALL Clearance Day-3 pots of Enormouse-Gigantic-Humongous - Fall mums - value $27.00  Congratulations to Kristina Jacques, you are the winner of 3 large gigantic pots of FALL MUMS....Thank you for your support Kristina & for filling out our on-line survey

You will be contacted by email and announced on our website.

Good Luck, and thank you for your interest in Village Nursery!

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Latest Events

37th Anniversary Explosion

Saturday, May 23rd 2015

37 years, we still are trying to do it right and everyday we keep learning more ways to re-invent the is a day of more celebrations-

Annual Dazee Splish Splash Event May 16, 2015

Saturday, May 16th, 2015-

Our 10th Annual Dazee Splish Splash Event will be held on this Saturday- 

Open House Saturday April 25, 2015

Due to the unforseen lateness of this 'spring' season we will not be having