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Now in our 36th year!


Starting with one small backyard greenhouse in 1978, we have grown to eight greenhouses and the Dazee Dome, as well as our shop that could nearly house the original greenhouse. Through it all, we have attempted to provide friendly and helpful customer service hoping you all will return. As we grow, to better serve our customers, we thank you all, especially those who have been with us since the beginning.

We invite you to join us May 24th for our 36th Anniversary Explosion, click the picture of Albina in the Dazee Dome for more information, see you there!

Latest Events

Is it spring yet? March 23, 2014

No more snow talk.. we are busy in the greenhouses. The 4th house is open now with flowers busting open here & there.... the bouganvilla are in flower(inside) & I see a few pansies.

Open House Saturday April 19, 2014

Everything's growing at the Village Nursery.