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Letter from Albina-2015

 It is time to say  "Off to work we go".."High Ho  High Ho"  Work starts slow & steady & speeds up in April to High Speed  
We have started this again with Wendy & Sandra starting back to work first  & carrying the bulk of the load of work to date. 
They have worked together for so many years that they know what to do.  Sandra keeps impeccible records so it makes  
 a smooth workday.  At this time we are moving into the 4th greenhouse        
The bareroot perennial will be delivered this week & next week we will pot them up. We had to call & delay the shipping of our
tree & shrub orders the first time ever.  There is just no bare ground to unload them, at this time    
This is our 37th year! Another good year to celebrate & so we will on May 23th with all kinds of specials,prize winning games  
As always we look forward to your return and hoping you continue to  bring your family and friends also.    
Our #1 goal is to do better than before & to present to you an enviornment in which you & your friends will enjoy-  
Drop in to visit & enjoy a coffee  I wish you another sucessful year of gardening, good health & joy in general…